RAAAM's GCRAM - The Best in Class On-Chip Memory

Extension of Moore’s Law for on chip memories


Area Reduction vs. SRAM


Power Reduction
vs. SRAM

Standard CMOS process – no additional masks or cost

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logo-Raaam RAAAM provides the highest-density embedded memory in any standard CMOS technology

Modern chips in various applications, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Automotive, 5G, High performance compute in data centres, etc., require ever-growing amounts of on-chip memory (SRAM) to meet the necessary performances under AI workloads. As a result, the amount of SRAM on almost any chip accounts for over 50% of the chip size. Furthermore, Moore’s Law has ended for SRAM, which no longer scales in advanced CMOS process nodes, resulting in limited on-chip memory capacities and significant cost increase for fabrication. 

RAAAMTM’s GCRAM is the most cost-effective on-chip memory technology in the semiconductor industry, providing up-to 50% silicon area reduction and up-to 10X reduced power consumption over SRAM, and it is fully compatible with the standard CMOS fabrication flow, requiring no additional process steps or cost. RAAAMTM’s patented technology enables the extension of Moore’s Law for on-chip memories and can be used by semiconductor companies as a drop-in replacement for SRAM in their chips.