On a chilly winter evening in the Swiss Alps, four motivated researchers shared a traditional fondue dinner. With several years of collaboration and friendship under their belts, they decided the time had come to take their research a step further. RAAAM™ idea left the station.
RAAAM™ was officially founded in May 2021 by the four PhDs from Bar-Ilan University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne that are specializing in VLSI design.
The company is leveraging know-how that was gained over many years of research by various teams in these universities.
When realizing the fact that new use-cases like AI and ML require to incorporate large amounts of on-chip embedded memory and the fact that Moore’s law is not applicable anymore for memories physical size reduction, the team have decided to found RAAAM™, to leverage all the existing IP, develop new IP and to commercialize it so that the industry can start using it and leverage its benefits.

RAAAM™ Technologies-office-welcome!

Management Team

Robert Giterman

Chief Executive Officer

Eli Leizerovitz

Chief Business Officer

Andreas Burg

 Head of Technology

Eran Rotem


Alexander Fish

Innovation Advisor

Adam Teman

Scientific Advisor

Board of Directors​

Thomas Seiler RAAAM™ Memory Technologies

Thomas Seiler

Danny_Biran RAAAM™ Memory Technologies

Danny Biran

Robert Giterman


Ram Ofir