RAAAM™’s Technology Demonstrated in 16nm FinFET

RAAAM™ developed the world’s first GC-eDRAM in 16nm FinFET technology, demonstrating a fully-operational 1Mbit GC-eDRAM array in a standard commercial 16nm FinFET process. The developed memory array offers 2X smaller two-ported bitcell (compared to a single-ported 6T SRAM), and it is fully operational at temperatures spanning -40C – 125C and under a supply voltage as low as 450mV, providing the lowest measured VDDmin and widest temperature range reported for GC-eDRAM.

A recent paper accepted for publication in the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Letters describes the key features and measurement results of a 1Mbit GC-eDRAM implementation in 16nm FinFET process.